Hope for Haiti’s Children

The Republic of Haiti is 10,714 square miles of island in the Caribbean Ocean, with a population numbering over ten million. Eighty-five percent of Haitians live in poverty, on an average annual per capita income of $480 (in the United States that figure is nearly $34,000), and 54 percent survive in abject poverty. Over ten percent of Haitian children die before reaching the age of five, and the country has an estimated 430,000 orphans – the highest percentage of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Yet these beautiful people have not given up hope. Through personal experience, Dr. Pamela Carr understands how Hope for Haiti’s Children is helping children, families, and the country find a way out.

A mission of hope

In 2009 Dr. Carr joined forces with Hope for Haiti’s Children, a faith-based nonprofit organization, to bring medical care to hundreds of children and adults. The week-long trip was a life-changing experience for Dr. Carr.

On average, there are just eight doctors and ten nurses for every 100,000 residents of Haiti. Inhabitants have an extremely low caloric intake, which leads to malnutrition in up to 40 percent of children, and chronic and fatal diseases in adults. Access to clean drinking water is a big problem.

Prior to the trip, Dr. Carr was already sponsoring two Haitian children. When her team arrived on the island and set up practice in a one-room schoolhouse with only natural light and no fans or air conditioning, she had the opportunity to meet hundreds more children. They were given physical examinations, had ears and throats checked, and of course were screened for skin ailments. They received immediate medical attention, as well. Adults were given the opportunity to take advantage of medical care in the evenings, after children were treated.

Dr. Carr was so impressed with the people of Haiti – their personal pride and ability to live with so little – that support of Hope for Haiti’s Children has become part of her life.

Spreading hope

Hope for Haiti’s Children is dedicated to demonstrating Christian compassion by providing opportunities for Haiti’s poverty-bound children so that they may one day lead their communities. Hope for Haiti’s Children provides:

  • Education and schools
  • Housing and care for orphans
  • Medical missions
  • Christian leadership youth camp
  • Crisis relief
  • Rebuilding Hope – a ten-year plan for sustainable infrastructure

All donations to Hope for Haiti’s Children directly support the children through these programs. Participating churches pay administrative costs, and volunteers cover their own expenses.

Please visit www.hopeforhaitischildren.org for more information on this worthwhile organization, or contact Dr. Carr at 281.494.0034 to learn more about the rewarding experience of volunteering for a mission.

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