Acne Treatment

Acne Care

Dr. Carr is experienced in designing acne treatment plans customized to the patient’s skin type and breakout severity. Each patient’s cause of acne is unique to them. Dr. Carr’s customized approach ensures that each patient is receiving the best acne treatment possible.

Why does my current acne treatment not work?

Many over-the-counter and even prescription acne treatments do not work on moderate to severe acne. The reason for this is most acne treatments only address one or two root causes of acne. Cleansers may remove surface oils and dirt but leave behind dead skin cells. Exfoliators may remove skin cells but can tend to leave the skin dry or excessively oily.

For an acne treatment to be effective, it must address every aspect of acne which includes:

  • Removing dead cells and excess oil from the surface
  • Unclogging pores
  • Eliminating bacteria and infection

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