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Dr. Carr of Carr Dermatology in Sugar Land, TX is experienced in designing acne treatment plans customized to the patient’s skin type and breakout severity. Each patient’s cause of acne is unique to them. Dr. Carr’s customized approach ensures that each patient is receiving the best acne treatment possible.

What Causes Acne?

Despite its universal disdain by teenagers across the world, the causes of acne are not fully understood. It is thought to be caused by a combination of factors. First and foremost is the rise in the male sex hormone androgen in teens of both sexes during puberty. When androgen levels rise, the sebaceous glands enlarge and produce more oil. These glands produce oil normally to keep our skin and hair from drying out. But during puberty, the glands overproduce and the oil can’t be dispersed fast enough. This causes the glands to clog. P.acnes bacteria are common in the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands, but when the glands clog, the bacteria multiply.

This causes inflammation, which in the acne world means a breakout. Different people seem to be more sensitive to this inflammation than others — rising sebum levels in one person may cause a pimple or two, but it becomes a full outbreak in someone else.

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There also seems to be a genetic role in acne, especially more extreme cases. The hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy have similar effects on sebaceous gland oil production and corresponding acne. In some people, certain types of cosmetics and medications cause breakouts. For athletes, chin guards and helmets lead to friction and heat that causes a different type of acne known as acne mechanica. 12% of women over the age of 24 can experience acne in their adult years. Menopausal women can also experience a resurgence in acne.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Acne Treatment At Carr Dermatology?

Acne is almost universal among teenagers, and it can cause issues with self-esteem and confidence. The question of if it’s time for serious treatment with a dermatologist such as Dr. Carr can vary from person to person and family to family. But there are times when acne gets to the point where you should see Dr. Carr.

You or your child’s acne should be treated if:

  • It is making the person unhappy, overly self-conscious, or uncomfortable
  • It is producing scars
  • It is causing dark patches to appear on the skin
  • It is severe with deep nodules and persistent pimples
  • It isn’t responding to over-the-counter treatments, and prescription medicine could be necessary

How Is Acne Treated?

Dr. Carr approaches every patient’s acne on a one-by-one basis. But her acne treatments need to generally address the three main factors causing the breakouts: excess oil production, bacteria growth, and clogged hair follicles/pores.

To address those areas, she employs a variety of options for treating patients’ acne. This may include the following options:

  • Products that contain active ingredients such as Retin-A, over-the-counter, and prescription
  • Skin care regimens with various products
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Light chemical peels

It may take a combination of treatments to really gain ground on a patient’s acne. It can be a mystery at first, but as we use different approaches, we’ll find the treatment that is best for the patient.

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What Kinds Of Results Can I Expect From Your Acne Treatments?

There is no “set” formula for treating acne; correspondingly, there is no “set” level of results. However, Dr. Carr is an expert in treating both teenage and adult acne. By working through different treatment modalities, she will find the best treatment for every patient. This is important to prevent acne scarring, in addition to overcoming the self-esteem issues that are attached to acne.

How Long Is The Acne Treatment Process?

As you would assume, how long your treatment will take before your acne is under control varies with each patient. Oral antibiotics take 6-8 weeks to show results. Your acne will improve, but it won’t follow a specific timeline.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Carr is a great and very knowledgeable dermatologist! Within 3 months of seeing her, I was able to get rid of my acne and the result has been long lasting. She is very patient, honest and thorough.

Why Doesn’t Cleaning My Face With An Over-the-counter Acne Treatment Work?

Acne treatments have varied widely until more and more research has pointed to the sebaceous glands and P.acnes bacteria. There was a time when it was thought effective to make the skin as dry as possible with astringents. Obviously, this only caused additional inflammation. Changes in diet were tried, to no avail. Every conceivable combination of over-the-counter acne treatment has been created and marketed, only to make little headway for most people. Keeping your skin clean will help and will be a part of your treatment protocols, but you’re likely to need more involved treatment.

That’s where the professional expertise of Dr. Carr comes in. Call Carr Dermatology to learn more today.

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