How To Help Your Skin Heal From Sunburn

Skin Care  Sugar Land, TXWhen we’re out in the sun on vacation, we always try to remember to bring sun hats, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen. But accidents do happen. Maybe you fell asleep on the beach, or maybe you lost track of time. Either way, a nasty sunburn can ruin your fantastic getaway. Keep reading for some easy DIY remedies to help your skin recover from too much time in the sun.


Ever had a sunburn so bad you can’t sleep at night? Though those sunburns are obviously better to be avoided, sometimes you forget to reapply sunscreen and end up with red, painful skin. Try whole milk to help take away the pain. Apply some milk onto a cotton ball or cotton gauze and apply it to the skin. The protein and fat in milk may help with the pain. Remember to wash off the milk and reapply. If you’re going out, wash off the milk in case you start smelling like dairy! When you get back home, reapply and see if your sunburn feels better.

Cool Shower

Though a cool shower might not sound very nice if you have chills from being sunburned, it can help your skin recover from the heat. Alternatively, draw a tepid water bath and add in some oatmeal or baking soda to help your skin recover.

Aloe Vera

This is a go-to for damaged skin for good reason. Aloe is gentle, effective, and is fairly easy to find wherever you may be. You can apply the clear gel from inside the aloe leaf right onto your skin to help with the discomfort. If you’re out vacationing, buying a plant might not seem like the best option, but the bottled aloe gel found in many stores can help your skin heal, too. Look for simple ingredient lists and apply as needed.

Preventing sunburn is important to keeping your skin healthy and your risk of developing skin cancer low. If you have had severe sunburns in the past and need a skin cancer check, call us today at (281) 494-0034 to schedule a consultation.

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