Are laser hair removal treatments in Sugar Land permanent?

For many people, removing unwanted hair is a daily struggle of waxing, plucking, tweezing, or shaving. Many wish that there was a permanent solution to the constant regrowth of embarrassing hair. If you have considered laser hair removal in the Sugar Land area and have wondered, “Are treatments permanent?”  The answer is laser hair removal provides lasting results. While no patient will ever achieve 100 percent hair removal, laser hair removal offers a dramatic reduction in hair that can last for years.

Typical results from laser hair removal provide about 80-90 percent reduction in hair. Results vary by individual and by the area of the body being treated. Our goal at the end of treatment is for patients to have a drastic reduction in time spent grooming, perhaps only needing to devote a few minutes each week to eliminating fine, slow growing hairs.

How laser hair removal works

The hair on your body absorbs the heat generated by the laser. This absorption of heat damages and destroys the hair follicle, halting growth. Laser hair removal doesn’t remove hair at all; it reduces the number of hair follicles and their ability to grow hair.

Laser hair removal treatments only target hair follicles that are in the active growth phase. Because of this, multiple treatments are necessary to achieve optimal reduction.

A single pulse of the laser can treat hundreds of hair follicles in less than a second. Laser hair removal sessions are quick and easy, allowing you to go on with your day as normal, following the procedure.

We encourage all our patients to remain consistent with their treatment schedule to get the best results possible. At any given point in time, up to 40 percent of the hair can be in the resting phase, which means it will not respond to treatment. By staying on schedule, we can make sure to treat as much of the hair in active growth as possible.

Are you ready to be free of the constraints of constant grooming? If you are in Sugar Land or the surrounding area, contact Carr Dermatology today.

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