Laser vein treatments to address spider veins

Spider Vein TreatmentIf you have small, tiny veins that appear in a cluster on the legs that appear as a spider web, you may be dealing with spider veins. Spider veins develop due to excess blood that is caught in veins that are damaged or unhealthy. What results is undesirable marks on the legs and elsewhere on the body that can cause patients to feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Dr. Pamela Carr of Sugar Land, TX is pleased to offer patients a solution such as laser vein treatment. Spider veins are often very small, which makes them easier to treat with laser than larger veins such as varicose veins. Patients who have varicose veins may have better success in treatment by utilizing sclerotherapy. With lasers, many of the smaller veins can be targeted and closed up, allowing blood flow to be redirected elsewhere. This, in turn, results in the treatment of spider veins.

What can I expect from laser vein treatment?

Before performing laser vein treatment, the team at Carr Dermatology will discuss with patients what they can expect from their procedure. Patients can ask questions about the treatment before deciding to move forward. The skin is cleansed, and a specialized laser device administers laser light that penetrates deep to damage the veins and help redirect blood flow. The vein will be naturally absorbed over several weeks into the body and will become less noticeable on the skin.

What about sclerotherapy?

Dr. Pamela Carr finds that sclerotherapy can also be a good choice for some patients. This treatment uses the injection of a sclerosing gel that is administered directly into the problematic vein. However, this procedure is better utilized for larger veins such as varicose veins. Spider veins that are too small for injections are often better suited for laser therapies.

Seek treatment for your spider veins today!

Stop feeling embarrassed about spider veins and take control of your skin! Call Dr. Pamela Carr of Carr Dermatology today to learn more about laser vein treatments for spider veins. Her practice is located at 1111 TX-6 South, Suite 160 of Sugar Land, TX and is reachable by phone at (281) 494-0034.

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