Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos with PicoSure laser tattoo removal in Houston

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of men and women who express themselves through body art. While tattoos have long been a form of expression, they are becoming more common and accepted. As more individuals are getting tattoos, there is also an increase in the number of people who end up regretting their tattoos. Some studies have indicated that more than 15 percent of individuals who get tattoos change their mind later and want them removed.For many years, laser therapy has been the most effective way to remove tattoos. Dermatologists prefer laser treatment over previous methods including surgical excision, acid treatment, or dermabrasion because they’re safer to the skin. At Carr Dermatology, our team offers PicoSure laser treatment, an advanced tattoo removal system. Dr. Pamela Carr uses this specific laser because it delivers fast bursts of energy to break the ink into very small particles, which allows the body to eliminate them quickly.The PicoSure laser treatment offers other benefits including:
  • Less risk of damage to the skin surrounding the tattoo
  • Faster treatment with fewer sessions. In some cases, PicoSure will cut the number of required sessions in half
  • PicoSure is effective on a wide range of colors, including blue and green which have been notoriously resistant to other laser treatments.
  • Requires less recovery time between sessions, thus reducing the length of treatment

If you’re considering tattoo removal, know that it’s not an instant result. It will require several sessions with four to five weeks between sessions. Patients should be prepared to avoid sunlight and tanning beds during treatment, as it can decrease the effectiveness of the laser and increase risk of complications.

If you live in the Houston area and are considering tattoo removal, call Dr. Pamela Carr at Carr Dermatology today.

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