Sugarland patients reverse tattoo regret with PicoSure removal

Tattoos may sound like a great idea at the time. However, as time progresses, people’s preferences, careers, or even bodies change and many patients find they regret the tattoo. Some will be able to cover it with clothing or a different tattoo design, but others begin searching for removal options.

Dr. Pamela Carr, an experienced and respected Sugarland, TX, dermatologist has helped many patients remove their tattoo and restore their confidence with PicoSure, an advanced laser treatment that will safely and effectively erase the unwanted ink from the skin.

PicoSure works by breaking up the ink into very tiny particles that are then flushed through the body naturally. Most other treatments involve burning the ink. The PicoSure method is preferred by patients and dermatologists because it:

  • Works faster and more effectively
  • Requires fewer treatments
  • Can eliminate stubborn colors like blue and green, as well as dark ink
  • Causes less injury to the surrounding skin

Dr. Carr understands that patients who are considering tattoo removal often have many questions and concerns. Here, she addresses those questions with some important highlights.

  • PicoSure is safe. The FDA has cleared this treatment as the most advanced laser treatment on the market today. Furthermore, because of its effectiveness and speed, patients can have their tattoo removed in nearly half the sessions that other removal treatments require. Therefore, patients experience less recovery time as well.
  • The treatment sessions typically only take a few minutes, however the exact time required will be based on the size of the tattoo. Patients will sit or lay comfortably while the laser is administered to the tattoo. At the same time, a cooling device will be used to ensure that the patient stays comfortable.
  • Prior to the PicoSure appointment, patients should be sure to stay out of the sunlight or tanning beds. Sun exposure can decrease the effectiveness of the treatment and increase patients’ risk of post-treatment complications. Additionally, patients should avoid medications that cause light sensitivity, shave the treatment area the day before the appointment, and be sure to remove all creams, lotions, and makeup from the treatment area.

For more information about PicoSure for tattoo removal call Carr Dermatology in Sugarland, TX, today.

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