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Tattoo Removal Sugar Land TX We all were young once, and we surely made a lot of bad decisions while we were learning and growing. Maybe you spent too much money on clothes. Maybe you drove too fast and got a few speeding tickets. Or, maybe you got a tattoo that you still regret to this day. Tattoos used to be thought of as permanent and, for a long time, they were. It was only time that would fade them slightly (and they didn’t look any better for it).

But now, tattoos aren’t nearly as permanent as they once were. Especially with the PicoSure laser, stubborn tattoos of all colors can finally be removed and you can rid yourself of at least one bad decision you made when you were younger. Keep reading to learn about PicoSure and how it might work for you.


Older tattoo-removal technology like Q-switch lasers could help fade tattoos, but they never were really gone. Stubborn tattoo pigments stuck around, so you still had a shadow of your old girlfriend’s name or that cute little cartoon character you used to like. PicoSure offers advanced technology that breaks down the pigment into smaller particles, which are then removed from your body along with other waste.

The pigments that can be targeted are across the spectrum, too. While older technology couldn’t break down blues or fluorescent dyes, PicoSure offers various wavelengths to remove all of your tattoo.


PicoSure works faster at removing tattoos than other, older technologies. The tattoo is better cleared with PicoSure, because the technology is better suited to the task. Because PicoSure is faster and more effective, you will see better results with every treatment. That also means that you need fewer treatments to see great results!


PicoSure has improved on one aspect that kept many people away from laser tattoo removal sessions. Pain from certain lasers don’t need to be worried about anymore, because PicoSure offers technology to keep pain down (while giving you better results, too).


The age of your tattoo doesn’t matter. Whether you’re regretting a tattoo you got last night, or a tattoo you’ve been putting up with for most of your life, PicoSure can help remove the pigment and give you back clear skin.

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