Sugarland, Texas residents ask, “What is SculpSure®?”

People in Sugarland, Texas, who are tired of trying to shrink their waists or remove stubborn saddlebags are thrilled to find out that there is a new technology on the market that targets those fat cells and quickly eliminates them. Dr. Pamela Carr of Carr Dermatology is helping her patients whittle their waistlines and skyrocket their self-confidence with the recently FDA-cleared, non-invasive, fat reduction treatment called SculpSure®. This treatment can be used on several areas of the body, including the stomach, obliques, thighs, and upper arms. Patients’ results vary from fitting back into an old pair of jeans, to happily wearing a bikini at the pool, to losing several inches.

Dr. Carr knows that many patients believe these results should be able to be achieved by eating fewer calories or spending more time at the gym. However, trouble spots on a person’s body often simply can’t be targeted. Furthermore, even patients with the best nutritional habits and who exercise daily can’t always achieve the results they want without some help.

How does SculpSure® work?

The revolutionary technology uses a laser light to warm pockets of fat just below the skin. Once the laser hits the fat it begins to break it up where it enters the body’s natural elimination process. The procedure is over in less than 30 minutes. However, because it works with the body’s excretion process, patients may not notice a dramatic change in their bodies for several weeks.

How does SculpSure® compare to other treatments?

Patients who are considering other cosmetic treatments such as liposuction are often thrilled to learn that there is a less invasive alternative that delivers similar results. Whereas liposuction would require anesthesia, incisions, and pain medication, the SculpSure® treatment is relatively pain free. Often, patients will relax, read a book, listen to music, or check email during the procedure. When the treatment is complete, patients can go back to their regularly scheduled activities with no downtime or recovery period necessary.

To learn more about how SculpSure® can help you get the shape you want, call Carr Dermatology in Sugarland, TX, today. Dr. Carr will talk with you about your perceived flaws and desired results and help you determine if SculpSure® is right for you.

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