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Men and women in the Houston area are not happy with tattoos on their skin may feel like they’re stuck living with them or covering them up as much as possible. While many individuals who get tattoos are happy with them for the rest of their lives, others have regret. Some reasons that people regret their tattoo include:

  • A tattoo that didn’t turn out as expected
  • The tattoo becomes a painful reminder of a person or event
  • The tattoo is in a highly visible area that is causing social or professional issues
  • The artwork represents something that the individual no longer likes or has interest in

Dr. Pamela Carr is a trusted dermatologist who is committed to combining compassionate care with the technical skill and years of experiencing that deliver excellent results. Dr. Carr understands that patients may have tattoo regret and works to determine the best approach to eliminate the tattoo. While there are many treatments available, they do not all work effectively. Some options require many treatment sessions, while others are extremely uncomfortable.

At Carr Dermatology Dr. Carr uses PicoSure, an advanced laser, to safely and effectively erase the unwanted ink. The PicoSure laser breaks up the ink and it is then flushed from the body naturally. This procedure is faster, requires fewer sessions, and causes less injury to the surrounding area than other treatments. Patients undergoing PicoSure have a shorter recovery time between sessions, so the entire tattoo can be eliminated in less time than with previous treatments. Additionally, PicoSure has been effective on some of the most stubborn colors, delivering excellent results.

If you live in the Houston area and have been living with tattoo regret, call Carr Dermatology today to find out if PicoSure will work for you.

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