Using laser tattoo removal for unwanted body art

Many patients in the Sugar Land, TX area who have unwanted body art come to the practice of Carr Dermatology for solutions. Tattoos that have lost their meaning, have not been done correctly, or are embarrassing for patients can be removed using today’s technology. Using laser light, patients can fade away unwanted tattoos!

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The light from our office’s laser devices is used to target the ink in a tattoo. The light energy fragments the ink particles and allows the body to naturally absorb them. With each treatment, the color of the tattoo fades over the next few weeks. With continued treatments, patients can dramatically reduce the appearance of the tattoo while protecting the surrounding skin from damage. This allows what was once thought impossible to be achieved using today’s amazing technological advances!

What can I expect during my laser tattoo removal sessions?

At the beginning of each treatment, the skin in the treatment area is cleansed. Then, a numbing cream or injection of Lidocaine is used in the area to ensure comfort during the procedure. Dr. Pamela Carr then takes the laser device and uses the handpiece over the tattoo surface. This device administers specific levels of laser light chosen to break down the ink fragments in the skin. Once treatment is complete, a dressing is applied to the treated area to protect it, keep it clean, and promote faster healing. This dressing should be left on for at least 48 hours after the treatment has been completed. Patients then schedule their next visit, which should be a few weeks apart from the first.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

The number of treatments necessary to achieve full removal will depend on several factors, including the age, location, size, and colors of the tattoo on the skin. With each treatment, patients will see improvement as the colors fade and the tattoo becomes less apparent.

Discuss laser tattoo removal with Dr. Pamela Carr today

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