What Can I Expect from Laser Tattoo Removal?

Are you unhappy with how aging and gravity have affected your body art? Do you have a tattoo that you simply wish could be removed from your skin? Patients in the area of Sugar Land, TX are pleased to learn that a tattoo is no longer something that has to be tolerated for the rest of one’s life. Instead, patients now have options when it comes to removing tattoos: laser tattoo removal.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoos can be removed with laser light, but it is best that patients understand the process that needs to be done to ensure results. It is important that patients consult with a skilled dermatologist to determine if your tattoo can be successfully removed. A specialized device that emits laser light is used to treat the area of the skin in which the tattoo is present. This laser light works by breaking up the pigmentation in the tattoo ink. The tattoo will fade more and more after the first treatment as the ink is absorbed and eliminated by the body.

What can I expect from laser tattoo removal?

It is vital that our patients consult with our dermatologist to learn what they can expect from this treatment. There is no “one and done” solution for unwanted tattoos. Instead, patients need to undergo several sessions in order to effectively remove their tattoo. There are several factors that may also impact the results of laser tattoo removal, including:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The colors used in the tattoo
  • The quality of the tattoo ink
  • The length of time the tattoo has been on the skin

The higher the quality of inks and the longer the tattoo has been present, the longer it will take to successfully remove. Under the guidance of our dermatologist, Dr. Pamela Carr, patients are educated on the results that can be achieved with continual treatment. We expect our patients to be realistic about the removal of their tattoo, especially if they fail to continue with treatment sessions for full results.

Are you interested in laser tattoo removal?

Call the practice of Dr. Pamela Carr today at (281) 494-0034 and visit the practice at 1111 TX-6 South, Ste. 160. Our team of providers can assist you in achieving a tattoo-free appearance with several treatments of laser therapy. We are committed to helping new and existing patients seeking solutions at Carr Dermatology in Sugar Land, TX.

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