What not to do after wrinkle filler injections in Sugar Land, TX

By the age of 30, many men and women begin to worry about the appearance of their skin. Suddenly, the thought of sagging, wrinkled skin begins to loom over them, threatening to mar their radiant, youthful looking skin. Because lifestyle and genetics both play a role in fine lines and wrinkles, it’s often hard to control when they appear. To address this issue, many individuals turn to dermal fillers to smooth out wrinkles and restore lost volume.

At Carr Dermatology in Sugar Land, TX, we offer a variety of dermal fillers that address the diverse needs of our patients. To ensure that your results last as long as possible, we offer the following tips for what to do, and what not to do, after the cosmetic procedure.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are subdermal injections that fill areas of the face to give it a plump, smooth appearance. Dermal fillers are usually injected in the face, neck, or hands to volumize creases and folds.

Before the procedure:

  1. Discuss any medical conditions as well as medications that you are currently taking.
  2. Make sure to remain hydrated in the days leading up to the procedure.
  3. Stop drinking alcohol two to three days prior to injections.
  4. Avoid any aspirin products as well as Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, and supplements such as vitamin E, or fish oil two weeks prior to injections, as they can increase bruising and bleeding.
  5. Add leafy greens to your diet to boost Vitamin K levels.
  6. Consider taking Arnica supplements the day before injections.

After the procedure

  1. Follow all post treatment instructions carefully.
  2. Call the office at the first sign of abnormal side effects.
  3. Do not squeeze or massage the area.
  4. Do not smoke or take controlled substances immediately after.
  5. Do not exercise or perform strenuous activity.
  6. Do not use excessive amounts of make-up.

By following these simple guidelines for what to do and what not to do before and after treatment, you can ensure that your investment in dermal fillers will yield beautiful results.

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