IPL- Photofacial

Intense pulsed light treatment for skin rejuvenation is sometimes called by the brand name FotoFacial. A handheld device sends pulses of light into deep skin layers. Light energy absorbs in dilated blood vessels and pigmentation irregularities in the epidermis. IPL may be referred to as a color-correcting laser. However, IPL actually utilizes a broad array of visible light, rather than a single wavelength, to break pigment apart so that it may be harmlessly absorbed by the body. Various wavelengths of light are chosen to address flushing, sun damage, and other skin conditions. Patients looking for an IPL treatment in Houston are getting terrific results with this non-invasive, no downtime skin rejuvenation option at Carr Dermatology.

IPL treatment

A typical IPL treatment in Houston, TX takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated. Your skin is cleansed and a cooling gel or topical anesthetic is spread over it. As the hand piece is passed over problem areas, you feel a stinging sensation like being snapped with a rubber band. Your skin is cleansed again, and a moisturizing sunscreen in applied. If you have very sensitive skin, treatment is completed with cool compresses. There is no special aftercare beyond your regular daily regimen with high-quality skin care products.

Over the next few days, pigmentation spots and capillaries may appear temporarily darker and some will flake off. Then you begin to see visible improvement with softer skin. A series of five treatments, about four weeks apart, is recommended for optimal improvement. Most patients are very pleased with the results and are eager to schedule periodic maintenance appointments.

IPL results and benefits

Individuals who need an IPL Photofacial in Sugar Land most tend to be the best candidates for treatment. Those with fair complexions who have not used sun protection, resulting in a contrast between underlying skin tone and pigmentation spots, see the most dramatic results. They enjoy these benefits of IPL:

  • Versatile – Face, neck, décolletage, forearms, and backs of hands can be treated
  • Fast treatment time – As little as 20 minutes
  • Well tolerated – Only topical anesthetic needed
  • No downtime – You can return to work or play right after an IPL appointment
  • Safe – The device is cleared by the FDA, and complications or side effects are rare
  • Effective – Smoother skin with noticeable improvements in flushing, redness, veins, and irregular pigmentation

Restore a youthful, translucent, light-reflective quality to your skin with IPL Photofacial treatments in Sugar Land and Houston, TX. Call Carr Dermatology at 281.494.0034 for more information.

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