Microblading /Permanent Make-up

Imagine looking polished and groomed first thing in the morning, and maintaining that look after a dip in the pool or a workout session. Think about a renewed sense of self for a vitiligo patient or a breast cancer survivor. These are just a few of the possibilities with permanent makeup at Carr Dermatology in Sugar Land, TX.

Permanent makeup vs microblading

Permanent makeup is a delicate cosmetic tattooing method, sometime referred to as micro-pigmentation. It is used to enhance facial features and skin color, and to disguise scars and pigmentation irregularities.

microblading sugar land TXmicroblading sugar land TX

Microblading is a perfect alternative to Permanent Make-up for the eyebrows. Microblading can give a more natural looking result when trying to reconstruct, redefine, cover gaps, or filling in over-plucked eyebrows. Microblading is performed using a special pen to implant individual hair strokes. This technique is great for someone that is looking to have the results last temporarily. Microblading can last around 1 year before needing a touch-up compared to permanent make-up which can last 2-10 years. The most exciting thing about microblading is it gives a more natural appearance to eyebrows. If you are looking for a temporary and natural look than microblading is for you!

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Treatment areas

Lips – Lip liner or full micropigmentation for enhanced shape, definition, and color. Permanent liner helps to avoid the appearance of lipstick bleed into fine lines around the mouth.

Eyebrows – For a lush, full appearance and flattering shape, that doesn’t wash off or have to be reapplied daily.

Eyeliner – Bold and expressive, or dots of pigment placed delicately between lashes for a subtle boost. The choice is yours.

Areola reconstruction – To deepen natural nipple color, or for repigmentation of the nipple area after breast reconstruction.

Scars and small areas – Our certified medical assistant can match scars and areas of lost pigmentation to surrounding skin color. This treatment is important for the emotional well-being of those who have suffered burns, vitiligo, or scarring.

Is permanent makeup right for you?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you could benefit from permanent makeup:

  • Would you like to look great, all the time?
  • Does your job require a professional, sophisticated look?
  • Do you have asymmetrical facial features?
  • Are your eyebrows or eyelashes sparse?
  • Do you have very blonde facial hair?
  • Are you allergic to many types of makeup?
  • Would you enjoy spending less time applying makeup?
  • Are you a fitness fanatic, and want to look good working out?
  • Do you have challenged vision or dexterity that makes it difficult to apply cosmetics?
  • Do you have scars?

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Permanent makeup procedure

This procedure is conducted with state-of-the art equipment, by a well-trained, certified, and experienced certified medical assistant. Your skin is carefully cleansed, and your comfort is ensured with the application of a topical anesthetic, or with anesthesia administered by Dr. Carr. Pigmentation is delivered to a precise depth, using an electric hand piece.

What is recovery like after treatment?

Treatment time varies, depending on the area and the look you want to achieve. There is little downtime following treatment. You receive aftercare instruction regarding sun protection, wearing makeup, and use of contact lenses. Full results emerge in two to three weeks. Since faces change over time, periodic touch-ups will help to maintain your look.

Why choose carr dermatology?

Our CMA and Dermatech Certified Medical Assistant, Cassaundra Geeker has these professional credentials:

  • Advanced Certification Areola Complex and Corrective Cosmetics
  • Advanced Training Dermatician
  • Board-certified in Micropigmentation DAAM (Diplomate of American Academy of Micropigmentation)
  • Board-certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, CPCP
  • Certified Areola Complex, Re-Pigmentation & Restoration
  • Certified Camouflage Dermatician
  • Certified Dermatician at Derma-Medical Institute
  • National Certified Medical certified medical assistant

In addition, she maintains membership in the American Academy of Micropigmentation, United States Society of Medical Professionals, and Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

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