Skin Tightening and Scar Improvement

We are proud to offer advanced solutions for skin tightening and scar improvement at Carr Dermatology in Sugar Land, TX. Our office is equipped with the latest technology, including the revolutionary Infini device.

When microneedling meets radiofrequency

Infini takes RF (radiofrequency) to a new level. Actually, it delivers therapeutic RF energy to multiple levels, using insulated microneedles. The device is highly customizable, allowing the clinician to target specific skin layers with exacting precision.

The technology has been clinically tested and proven to create coagulative zones of micro-injury in the dermal layer, with minimal disruption to the epidermal layer. What does that mean to you? It is comfortable and minimally invasive, yet it triggers the skin’s own healing processes, which create heathy new collagen and elastin.

The benefits of Infini’s unique technology include:
  • Firms skin with microscopic coagulation zones
  • Delivers energy with exacting precision
  • Gentle and customizable for all skin types
  • Little to no downtime
  • Reliable, beautiful results

Skin tightening treatment

Skin loses elasticity for many reasons, including sun exposure, health conditions, and the natural progression of time. In youth, our skin readily restores and repairs the natural collagen and elastin network. As we age, the production of new fibers slows, and the network gradually weakens. Infini stimulates collagen and elastin production, by triggering a healing response.

Scar improvement

Infini technology has advanced the field of scar treatment, particularly for acne scaring. It is one of the most adjustable devices on the market, with nearly infinite options of treatment depth, pitch, duration, and energy level. Therefore, it can be adapted to the wide variations in thickness associated with scars.

Visit Carr Dermatologyfor an evaluation to find out if Infini radiofrequency microneedling is right for you. Call us at 281.494.0034 and discover the difference of advanced technology in highly skilled hands.

Superficial peels

While superficial peels range from mild, to moderate, to strong, they affect only the top-most layers of skin. Treatment is relaxing and spa-like. There is no recovery time following a superficial peel, but please use protective sunscreen. Skin will flake lightly for a day or two, as a fresh, vibrant complexion emerges. This is a standard of care for acne, pigmentation irregularities, and rough texture. Dr. Carr selects a formulation suited to your skin type and needs. Treatment can be repeated, increasing the strength of the peel in response to your skin’s tolerance.

Intermediate peels

Intermediate or medium peels contain a higher strength acid to penetrate beneath the epidermis (surface skin) to the upper layers of the dermis (internal skin structure). Dr. Carr takes extra steps to ensure your comfort during application, and afterward. There will be redness and some swelling. Skin turns brownish in the first day, and peeling begins within three or four days. Expect a week of recovery time, and then dramatic improvement in skin condition. Dr. Carr uses intermediate peels to treat significant sun damage and actinic keratosis (pre-cancers).

Dr. Carr uses a range of products to safely and effectively treat all skin colors and types. Periodic chemical peels keep your complexion clear and bright. Peels can be used alone, or in combination with other techniques such as Botox and dermal fillers, for optimal skin rejuvenation.

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