Tattoo Removal

According to Statistic Brain, an independent research firm, 45 million Americans have one tattoo or more. At least 17 percent have tattoo regret. They would like to have their ink removed, but are apprehensive – about pain, number of treatment sessions, poor results, scarring, and cost. Dr. Pamela Carr understands these concerns. She brings a new option to patients in the Sugar Land, TX area. PicoSure is the most advanced laser therapy available for safe, effective tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal before and after.

The PicoSure difference

All laser and tattoo removal methods are not created equal. PicoSure is new technology. Laser tattoo removal uses pulses of focused light to destroy pigments under the surface of the skin. The difference between PicoSure and older lasers is a faster pulse speed – the difference between a nanosecond (a billionth of a second) and a picosecond (one trillionth of a second). These incredibly fast pulses of energy shatter tattoo ink so that it may be eliminated safely and naturally by white blood cells in the body.

To the patient, this means fewer treatments with reduced recovery time, faster clearance, and low risk of scarring or thickened skin. All of that comes with a smaller price tag. Older methods that fractured ink with nanosecond technology required an average of 15 sessions for clearance. PicoSure treatments take only a few minutes, and usually just seven or eight sessions. With adjustable wavelengths, the FDA-cleared PicoSure laser eliminates a broader range of colors, too – even stubborn blues and greens.

If you are rethinking your ink…

We encourage you to take advantage of a no cost consultation with Dr. Carr, here at the Carr Dermatology offices in Sugar Land, TX, or by telephone. Every patient and every tattoo is different. The PicoSure laser targets color, so areas with contrast (lighter skin and darker inks) respond best. Newer tattoos break down more readily than old ink. This one-on-one evaluation allows Dr. Carr to determine if you are a good candidate for PicoSure. Dr. Carr is Board-certified in dermatology, and has more than 30 years of experience. She personally administers PicoSure tattoo removal treatments to ensure patients get care that is appropriate for their needs, and the professional attention they deserve.

You can say goodbye to the past and welcome a future of clear, beautiful skin with PicoSure laser tattoo removal at Carr Dermatology. Call 281 494 0034 to arrange a consultation.

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